Aston Martin Super Sport Becomes The World’s Most Expensive Car

There is a new occupant at the world’s most expensive car slot. This new king of the automotive world is the super duper sexy and oh so expensive Aston Martin Super Sport. This limited edition sports car has taken this slot after being priced at a mind blowing $9.6 million! So if you do not have that kinda dough then you can just be happy by looking at this beautiful piece of machinery.

Considering the price range, the manufacturers have decided to make only eight of these babies, all in different colours. Star Electric Cars France (SECF), designer of coachbuilt specialty vehicles including Rolls-Royce golf carts are the face behind this incredibly expensive car. One could call it similar to Aston Martin One-77, but way better than that. Thats cause its mid-engine is powered by a twin-turbo 5.4 litre V8 engine capable of producing around 900 hp.

Its carbon fiber bodywork gives it a sleek look, while its gullwing doors make it so much coller. The carbon ceramic brakes and a leather, Alcantara and carbon fiber interior match the outside beauty and class. It would be interesting to see how long this Aston Martin occupies the top slot and which car would dethrone it.

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