Rosewood Hotels and Resorts to Award 30 People For Their Exceptional Work

The Rosewood Hotels and Resort is celebrating 30 years since its inception. To commemorate this special occasion, the group has announced a special programme called 30 Under 30 that seeks to reward 30 special individuals who have displayed traits that the Rosewood considers to be a part of its own ethos. These have been listed as: Mindful of the community, Leadership with integrity, Passion of conviction, Dedication to preserving our natural environment, and a Strong sense of life balance.

The award will be given to the top 30 people after a voting that is open to the public. So all through November, people can vote for those who are under 30 and have made a difference to the world, according to you. The winners will be displayed on their website. $100 will be given by the company on behalf of the winners to the non-profit organisation of their choice. The winners will also get a complimentary dinner for two at any of the Rosewood properties.

Out of the 30, Rosewood will select one person who they think has done something exceptional and that lucky one will get $1,000 as donation and a complimentary three-night stay at a Rosewood hotel or resort. The judges for the 30 Under 30 are Peter Greenberg, CBS News Travel Editor, Jason Binn, CEO of Niche Media and Pamela Fiori, Editor-at-Large of Town & Country.

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