Mazzo in Stunning Colors and Patterns by Jeroen Vinken

Curtains play a very important role in determining the look of the interior of any home. The color scheme the cut and the fall all add up to create the final look of the home. The interior designers are very particular about the curtains they use because it can make or mar the look of the home. Jeroen Vinken, a textile designer has come up with Mazzo which is a set of modern curtains.

Vinken has created the curtains in stunning colors and motifs that will suit the modern and contemporary home décor. The curtains have been produced on a fabric with a width of 150cm. The length is not the same but varies in the range of 36m to 96 m. The idea is to be able to change the design for different rooms or even different walls in case you have different colored walls.

Mazzo has been woven with the jacquard technique. The beauty of this technique is that the designs and colors are created by the binding system. It is generally woven using three or four different colored weft threads. The designs are all woven in. Another beautiful aspect of this technique is that you can create the secondary colors by allowing the weft threads to come to the surface.

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