Indian Jeweler Creates 22k Gold Version of Paul, the Pyschic Octopus

The soccer fiesta is over but it is hard for the global population to stop obsessing about Paul, the psychic octopus. Naah, I am not talking about people getting all worked up and speaking of killing Paul and cooking something out of it. Kolkata based Shree Ganesh Jewelers thought of giving their flavor to the octopus obsession by presenting a signature piece of 22 karat Gold version of Paul. It graced the India International Jewelry Show 2010 which was held at NSE Complex in Mumbai

Priced at Rs. 80 lakh, the piece was worked upon by 30 skilled craftsmen from Bengal. Among other things at the exhibition, a gold version of Eiffel tower was also present. I wonder why Taj Mahal or other architectural beauties weren’t explored by participants.

Paul the Octopus was just a common octopus living in a tank at Oberhausen, Germany until it began the prediction business for Euro 2008 watches. It scaled heights of fame with 100% correct predictions for the 2010 FIFA World Cup and 86% overall. Some folks at the German aquarium also claim that Paul isn’t the same one who predicted the Euro 2008 results.

Via: MidDay

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