Bugatti and Parmigiani collaborate to bring out “The Fastest Watch in the World”

The lucky owners of the Bugatti Super Sport owners wont have to ride their sporty car every time they want a reminder of what an awesome piece of vehicle they have. All they need to do that now is to wear a stylish watch. Parmigiani has brought an amazing watch that is priced at $259,000. Ok so people who own cars like Bugatti I guess can afford to buy watches that are more expensive than the cars that we drive!

Bugatti’s test driver Pierre-Henri Raphanel wore this exorbitantly expensive watch while driving what is probably the fastest street legal car at an eye popping 267 miles per hour. The brand has taken cue from that and is calling the Parmigiani watch as the “The Fastest Watch in the World.” I don’t know what that means, but hey, whatever makes them happy. The watch is quite unsurprisingly a limited edition, and only 2000 pieces will be produced.

This watch has Parmigiani’s new 372 movement along with 300 components in total. The luxurious watch is complete by its Hermes leather strap. Definitely one o the most stylish watch I have seen around, and one of the most expensive as well.

Via: AcquireMag

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