Wiesmann MF5 Blows You Away by Its Retro Look

I was simply blown away by the look of this car. I know it is probably not the most macho looking car, and that I guess is a big criteria for guys, but its design and color is definitely quite interesting. It has that retro look, plus a gloss that will definitely make heads turn in appreciation.

Not that you would take such a precious car on the road all too often. But when you buy something so expensive as I am sure this car is, you feel like flaunting it at times. Called the Wiesmann MF5, this car will borrow BMW M5 and M6’s award winning V10 engine. So the car has got the looks and the power as well! But I have some bad news. The next generation M models are moving away from the gas-guzzling V10 to a more eco-friendly and pocket friendly twin turbo V8 engines.

So that means that Wiesmann might have to change its production as well. But thankfully Wiesmann is saying that it will continue to manufacture this car. The only difference now will be the engine. Not so bad, as the V8 engine isn’t all too bad as well. Plus the built and finish will remain the same.

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