Sotheby’s Auctioning Vegetables!

I never in my wildest dreams would have imagined that Sotheby’s would one day start selling vegetables! I mean the auction house has been doing quite well. I wouldn’t think that it would have to move on to grocery selling. Well but that is exactly what it is going to do, come this September 23rd. Well, just to clear your confusion, this auction will be of some of the rarest vegetables on the planet.

It is part of The Art of Farming benefit that will take place in Sotheby’s Manhattan showroom. Some of the exorbitantly expensive groceries are going to be Turkish Orange Eggplant, Lady Godiva Squash and Pink Banana Pumpkin that are expected to fetch as much as $1,000 a crate! Wow! And you thought that food prices were already too high! McEnroe Farm in Millerton, New York and Beekman Farm, the farm seen on the Discovery Channel’s “The Fabulous Beekman Boys” are the two main farms from where these rare veggies are going to be supplied.

This event will include a cocktail reception as well as a four course dinner, specially created by celebrity chefs. The proceeds from this auction will go to GrowNYC New Farmers Development Project and the Sylvia Center.

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