China’s Moutai brings out its most expensive Liquor called Red Diamond

China is fast entering every field of consumption goods. Though till now we don’t really think of China when looking for high quality liquor, but a Chinese brand called Moutai hopes to change that. Moutai is actually a high end spirits brand of China. It is soon going to launch a sub brand called Red Diamond. Now, it is quite an obvious fact that extremely high prices for any product are sure to catch the attention and make people believe that it is actually really good.

So this Red Diamond brand makes use of this marketing skill and prices its flagship tipple at a whopping $20,000 per bottle. Moutai is quite popular in China, but has not been able to repeat that kind of success abroad. With this new venture, they hope to make inroads into foreign markets as well. Recently, there have been many scandals and controversies in China related to the manufacture and sale of counterfeit alcohol. So a large chunk of money goes into getting the seal of authenticity from the government.

To add to the exclusive nature of this liquor, the Red Diamond drink will come in individually numbered boxes that the user will be able to open only after calling a certain phone number and retrieving the specific password fro it. Let us see if this liquor catches the fancy of the people outside China.

Via: luxury-insider

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