Is The Internet Really Dying?

An article very interestingly called ‘The Web Is Dead. Long Live The Internet’ written by Chris Anderson and Michael Wolff is sure to catch some attention just by the act that title seems so incredulous, especially in this day and age when the internet has permeated almost every region and section of the world. But apparently these guys have proof for their very obvious assertion.

The graph as pasted above is what these guys have presented to show us the decline of the internet. But the one objection that immediately comes to mind after looking at this dubious graph is that they haven’t taken into account the increase in internet traffic over the time period that they have taken. They have also conveniently taken the proportion of total as the vertical axis and not the actual total.

Now here is a fact that is surely going to dispel the doubts that you might be having about the health of the internet. From 1995 to 2006, the total amount of web traffic has gone up from about 10 terabytes a month to 1,000,000 terabytes or 1 exabyte. And this figure then increased upto 7 exabyte in just 5 years till 2010. So that just goes to show that the internet is very much alive and kicking.

Via: BoingBoing

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