Hozuki LED Lantern ideal for camping trips

The Hozuki LED Lantern is this interesting new innovation that can also act as a candle. Basically its light can be made to flicker according to the wind. All you have to do is press the on/off button twice to enter the candle mode. But if you are not interested in having the flickering light, then you can always keep it in the standard mode that will give you steady bright light.

The lantern has three brightness settings that are: Low, medium, and High. This means that depending on your need, you can illuminate either a large area or a smaller area. This would be ideal in camping trips or in case you have a roommate who cannot sleep with the lights on, but you have your assignment to complete! The silicone rubber lantern enhances its durability that enables you to take it for camping trips as well.

There is a hook attached to the lantern using which, you can carry it easily or hang it anywhere. Using 4AA alkaline batteries, the lamp can be used for 40 hours on Low mode, 10 hours on Medium mode, and 4 hours on High mode. The lantern comes with the provision of being charged by a USB mini cable when you are working on your laptop or computer.

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