Diamond Coated Razor Blade Claims to Last For Years!

I guess diamonds really are forever. How would you like to have a razor blade made of diamonds for that perfect and possibly even a sparkling shape? Well maybe not sparkling. The Diamond PSD razor blade boasts of being coated with a film of synthetic, industrial grade diamonds. No this is not another one of those useless diamond studded things. This one actually has a reason and utility.

You see, diamond is the hardest material on earth. Hence it lasts really really long. Taking this property into account, this razor blade that is made of tungsten carbide, has been coated with the diamond so as to enhance its durability. Whereas your regular blades last for a few weeks only, this one claims to last for years! That really takes away the headache of buying new blades ever so often.

The blade edge has been sharpened to a minute size of a few nanometres, which as is quite obvious is probably one of the sharpest razors that is there in the market. Plus this sharpness will remain for a long time to come. So I guess this ‘bejewelled’ razor blade would definitely be a great investment for those who want that perfect shave.

Via: Inhabitat

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  • Razor blades with an industrial diamond coating were developed over 20 years ago. Shick sold them in America under the name FX Diamond in America and Wilkinson sold sold a similar blade in the UK. I really like them, but they were discontined after about 5 years. The problem (for the company) was that they lasted too long and hence, people didn’t need to buy very many.

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