You Can Make Smiley Sandwiches With KrustBuster

Are you one of those who believes that it is important what the food looks like apart from the taste or its nutritional value. Every Chef worth his salt will tell you that the presentation of the food is equally important. If the look of the food is not appetizing it does not allow you to enjoy the meal fully. And now you have a machine called KrustBuster to make your sandwiches at home more clean , fresh and smiley.

Krust Buster is a plastic machine that takes off those pesky crusts in one swift movement. The machine is very simple and user friendly. You simply put the sandwich in the machine and one push on the top eradicates all the unseemly extra edges and stamps on your sandwich a big smiley face in the process. Well the machine does not really add to the taste of the sandwich but adds a lot aesthetically.

Many people are comparing this innovation or invention to be as big a thing as the sliced bread. After all the slicing of the bread also did not add to the taste of the bread but how thankful the people must have been for the convenience. I am sure the mothers are going to be thankful for this product as I have a feeling that many a child in the coming future will finally be pleased with his lunch.

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