Couple Builds an Energy Efficient House for just $100,000

When people are in twenties, a lot of people fear the idea of getting married and starting a family by all themselves. Two digit inflation figures and global meltdown is majorly responsible for this paranoia. But for Chris Renner and Sarah Lindsey, it was just a matter of constructive planning. They took time off their busy schedules, brought their creativity and design skills on paper and used their experiences to build their two storey home and workshop near dripping springs. And all this for just $100, 000!!!

So how exactly was this commendable feat achieved? The husband has worked with yachts and used his leanings from that industry in this construction. It is built on 2.6 acres of land with the help of architect Travis Young who gave in valuable inputs on energy efficiency, cross ventilation, structural integrity and structural systems. The house also features rainwater collection and filtration systems for potable water. They used Propane for heating and cooking which explains their $100 electricity bills. With time, solar panels will also find place in the house.

Often we think building low cost yet energy efficient house would be an unattainable objective. But Renner and Lindsey came up with a real layout which scores points not only its choice of utilities but its scaled down budget of $100,000 as well.

Via: Statesman

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