CanCooker Will Feed Hungry Troops During Outdoor Expeditions

No matter where you are, food is pivotal over all other issues. So here is an innovative cooking utensil that will not make your food requirements a handicap rather it will enable you to prepare tasty meals faster. Touted as CanCooker, this unique outdoor cooking device makes a complete meal in matter of an hour. It designed to work on any source of heat be it campfire, camp stove, propane, charcoal or gas grill.

This utensil uses the technology of pressure cooker i.e. it cooks with steam thereby keeping the food healthy and edible. Sufficient amount of liquid in the ingredients of the meal ensure that the heat source turns to steam. It also has the revolutionary one-piece “shouldered” design that produces convection to circulate steam for faster cooking. Made from durable lightweight aluminum, it is easy to clean and an excellent way to cook outdoors.

CanCooker is ideal for camping, hunting, fishing, tailgating, family gatherings, picnics or any outdoor gatherings. It is available for as $80 and in my opinion, given the utensil’s versatility, the price is peanuts. The makers Seth McGinn have also come up with a range of spices for special use in CanCooker cooking.

Via: Uncrate

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