Lexus LFA owners to get their customized travel cases as well!

Lexus LFA owners have a reason to be happy. I mean they should be happy cause they have a$375,000 Lexus, but there is something else that I think will make them happier. Now these guys will have travel cases that have been made exclusively for this car. This means that the owners of Lexus LFA wont have to worry about fitting the luggage properly in the boot.

These travel cases have been manufactured in collaboration with Tumi, which is a New Jersey based company that specializes in making travelbags and suitcases. Apart from the fact that these baggages will fit in extremely well in the rear space, they will also go with your car!. Yes, these travel cases have been made by components that resemble the make of the car, like aluminium and carbon-fiber materials. Each bag will also have the vehicle identification number of the specific car.

These travel cases come in different sizes to suit any kind of travelling. The first pieces of the 552HP V10-powered Lexus LFA will come in the market in January next year. Only 500 units will be manufactured. The exclusive Lexus LFA travel cases will also come in select places like USA and Europe.

Via: Carscoop

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