With SeaKettle, Water Water Everywhere and Not A Drop To Drink is History

The Dyson Awards are one of the most prestigious awards for designers. And one of the finalist this year has really caught my attention. Called the SeaKettle, this liferaft will seriously save your life. When one imagines oneself being stranded in the sea, the first thought that comes to mind is of sharks eating us up. But an even bigger danger that does not always come to mind is the danger of dehydration.

Water water everywhere but not a drop to drink. Well not anymore. That is cause the SeaKettle comes with a desalination system that will not let you die of thirst if at all you get stranded in the sea. It is so simple, yet so creative. Makes you wonder why someone didn’t think of it before. Well better late than never right?

Now let me explain to you how the water purification in the SeaKettle functions. Water is pumped from the sea into the Gortex-covered reservoir. Here the water evaporates and rises upto the canopy where it condenses. This condensed water then enters the four pockets on the raft ready for you to drink. This is sufficient for almost five passengers to stay hydrated.

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