Living Kitchen Project visualizes the Kitchen of The Future

Michaël Harboun is hoping to enliven the cooking process through his Living Kitchen Project. It is based on the Claytronics technology concept in which nano-sized computers that can join together to form interactive 3D objects. Kinda like something you would see in Minority Report or the Star Wars. Michaël Harboun, the brain behind the Living Kitchen Project, is a design student at Strate Collège and hopes to make use of this technology.

Here is how he explains his project: “Now let’s imagine a world where physical objects would gain digital abilities, meaning you could change the shape of any object as you would change the contents of your smartphone. This would revolutionize our relationship with objects. An object would no longer induce a function by the way it looks. The user himself would define the functions of an object, the user becomes creator.”  His Living Kitchen Project using this technology would remove all the clutter from your kitchen.

He believes that, “The designer would still keep his position as a guarantor of quality. He would create sophisticated shapes in order to propose the best usages possible for his customer’s needs. But he would also play an important role in the way the user interacts with the object. Designing the matter’s behavior will perhaps be a new challenge for tomorrow’s designers.” The Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is doing some serious research on this concept and who knows, maybe this concept will became a reality sooner than we are expecting.

Via: Kotaku

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