An ‘Electrifying’ Chess Board designed by Brent Blake

There is something about the chess-board that is aesthetically quite attractive. And people have experimented quite a lot with in the past. We have seen crystals chess boards, magnet chess boards etc. I even saw a girl make a chess board out of carrot and radish when I was in school for a salad dressing completion (Mine was nothing less than a disaster).

But now Brent Blake has brought out a chess board that is one of the most unique designs that I have seen. This designer is a jack of All Traits of sorts. He is a designer, architect, and yes a competitive chess player as well. The man has literally electrified the chess board. He has replaced the game pieces with lightbulbs of different colours. Each colour stands for a different piece. The white bulbs stand for the pawns whereas the other pieces are bigger and the colours include red, blue, yellow.

When a piece has been captured and killed, it is placed in a non-powered socket that symbolises its death. These bulbs get lighted up as they are directly plugged into the board, which is supplied with power. But the power is regulated to a safe level so as to prevent burnt fingers.

Via: DesignBoom

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