Robles Arquitectos Designed 100 % Self- Sufficient Abode in Costa Rico

If I was to ask somebody what would his idea of a perfect house would be, they’d probably tell me something like a penthouse in One Hyde Park in London or Manhattan, a beach house on Hawaii or something as innovative as a condo on Moon. This is the voice of our lifestyle choices that driven by the forces of materialism. If there was someone who ever thought of living in the house seated in the realm of nature, we have the 100 % self sufficient house in Playa Carate, Costa Rica.

Let me first run you through some quick facts to help you understand why Costa Rica was the best place for green and gorgeous house.  5% of the world bio diversity rests here and also it bagged the title of the “Greenest” country in the world. Created and designed by Robles Arquitecto, the house is pretty far away from any civilization i.e. it lacks access to water and electricity. This is where its 100% self sufficiency kicks in. it looks up to nature for its needs. It utilizes water from the forest and solar panels on the roof generate up to 10,800kWh of electricity. The water bodies also serve as an alternative source of power owing to two low-impact hydroelectric turbines.

The structure would be built one meter above the ground to minimize humidity, enhances ventilation and reduces sun exposure without a trace of compromise on natural illumination. Too bad that structure is still a prototype, that a Level one type. The learned folks of ISEAMI Institute (Institute of sustainability, ecology, art, mind and investigation) are the brains behind it.

Via: LuxuryInsider

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