This Eco-friendly Bicycle Makes You Dig Deeper into Your Pockets

Calling BlackTrail BT-01 a bicycle would be an understatement, if anything, it should be called a super bicycle! This electric bicycle, unlike most of the bicycles of its league, has the potential of running at extraordinary speed of 100km/hr and its sturdy structure can handle any body weight while climbing up a steep slope.

The best part is you can ride it like a motorcycle, but you will not have to carry the paraphernalia that comes with a motorcycle. It has several levels of speed along with its capability to handle high pressures. The small-yet-smart 1.2 kw electric motor when fully charged, gives it all the more power to run 100 miles. Another feature that is worth discussing its eco-friendly performance, you will not add an iota of pollution if you ride this bike.

So far no downside to this electric bike has been discovered other than its price tag which is way more than what you thought it would be! This bike is priced at a whooping $80,000. So, you might want to think again before presenting your kid this bike, as you might end up giving him nothing, but a bike!

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