The Green Clean Human Car Imagine PS.

Human Car is the name given to the concept car which is powered by electricity and human rowing power. The concept is of course unique but the development has been rather slow. But there is some good news now. A prototype which is being called Imagine PS was taken out recently for a test drive to see how it performs on the road and what exactly needs to be done to improve its performance.

The man behind this project is Professor Charles Samuel Greenwood. He is the inventor, designer and developer all rolled into one. The $15,500 street-legal, low mass vehicle was taken out by the professor along with his son Chuck. The car did 30 miles per hour even on some hilly roads using power from both the driver and the battery pack. It was a successful outing for the car and its inventor as the results were very encouraging.

Chuck was very excited while talking to Autoblog Green. He confirmed that the team has may more similar ideas in the pipeline and the positive results of the test drive would expedite the process of  transforming those ideas into reality. A new sedan is on the way. He was happy with the performance of the Imagine PS which he said is fast, crisp and clean.

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