Talaris: New High Tech Saddle by Hermes

The cutting edge technology seemed to have bypassed the saddlers unlike other sports equipments manufacturers. The saddle was still being made based on traditional designs which were at lest a century old only with minor modifications. Time seemed to have stood still for the trade. But change is in the air. Hermes has unveiled a high tech modular saddle made of carbon and injected thermoplastic. The new saddle which is called “Talaris” is a highly structured saddle that improves on the fit and the ride upon traditional saddles like never before.

Pierre Alexis Dumas, the artistic director of Hermes who was there to fill in the details said, “This is at the heart of the essence of Hermès, which is about marrying tradition and innovation.” The wood and metal used in the saddle has been replaced with carbon and titanium. The resultant improvements have been manifold. It has become lighter by about 1.5 kilos. It has become stronger and more durable.

Laurent Goblet, the master saddler has been credited with the new design. He said the saddles had not evolved with the times like other sports equipments. In fact they had to reinvent the craft. The Talaris saddle can be adjusted to fit any horse and any rider. They are available world wide but exclusively in Hermes store. They have been priced at $9,100.

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