Interesting Door Covers Offer Interesting Options to Spruce Up the Doors

How often do you feel that your house looks boring and that you would like to spruce it up to make it more interesting, at least make it look more interesting. Some times it is not very practical to redo the entire house. For one it is very inconvenient and secondly the costs involved make you rethink whether the whole exercise is worth it or not. And some times you are not even confident if the new look will be significantly better than the existing one.

But there are options which are convenient, make cosmetic changes to the house that can alter the look completely ( in an interesting way) and are cost effective. If you have plain doors in your house you could go in for clever door covers. Well, they are something like the sweat shirts with prints of a formal suit.

These door covers have different designs. People going down your hallway might think there is a portal to another world at the end of the passage. They might be deceived into believing that a beautiful Parisian stone staircase leads upstairs. That there is a dimly lit stairs leading to a dungeon. Last but not the least the price of these interesting covers are $200 only.

Via: Crunchgear , TheDailywh

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