QLOCKTWO is a clock that tells you the time in words

Lo and Behold! I present to you a clock that doesn’t even have numbers! Yes, the QLOCKTWO is a clock that tells you the time in words. How does it do that? Well it has a quadratic matrix embedded with letters of which some of them are illuminated. The time is displayed at the interval of every five minutes. Incase you want a more accurate time, then just look at the illuminated dots.

This interesting clock has a brightness sensor that helps illuminate the letters and adjust the brightness accordingly. This clock is available in several colours apart from the black one that you see in the picture. It is very easy to set and once it has been set properly, tells the time accurately without setting it manually again. Can be mounted on the wall thanks to its wall brackets. Incase you wish to place it on the desk then the acrylic glass holder will enable you to do that.

Its dimensions are 450 × 450 × 20 mm, and weighs approximately 4 kgs. The Electricity supply is 110V-220V, and has a low energy consumption (less than 2 Watts) due to LED technology. The QLOCKTWO is handmade in Germany by Biegert & Funk.

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