Bobo Wrap a Multi Purpose Wrap for Late Summer Vacation

Multi tasking is a popular word today and many job profiles require you to have the multitasking skills. In these days of intense competition it always works to your advantage if you are good at doing more than one thing. Similarly for products, it is always useful to have things that can be used in more ways than one. You like to have products like these particularly when you are traveling because you like to keep things light.

The Bobo Wrap Beach Wrap is one such thing and a must have for the late summer vacation packing. It is an accessory that can be used in eight different ways. The Bobo Wrap is inspired by the ancient tradition of “bojagi” a way of wrapping and transporting items using a fabric. This beach wrap, which is fairly large in size can be used in eight different ways.

The 52x 52 inch wrap can be used as a hobo bag, a beach cover up, a one-shoulder top, a strapless top, a halter top, a sarong, a shawl and also an open jacket. The Bobo wrap comes in gorgeous prints and designs. The wrap retails for $38. The manufacturers have included very detailed instructions in the package about how to make or wrap for different usage. It is definitely a multi purpose wrap.

Via: Luxist

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