Diamond Snoopy by TSL Hong Kong on 60th Birthday

Snoopy has been a much loved comic character for a long time now, maybe as long as you can remember. Well he has reached a significant milestone. He turns sixty this year. Can you imagine ruling the popular public mind for sixty years and still going strong. The fine jewellery brand from Hong Kong, TSL has done something in their own way to celebrate the occasion.

When Charles M Schultz had created the fictional character in the long running comic strip Peanuts, I am sure he had never imagined that Snoopy will not only survive but flourish over sixty years. TSL of Hong Kong has given Snoopy the bling bling treatment. They have created a diamond Snoopy and named it ‘The Ever Shining Star’. This is the perfect commemoration of the 60th anniversary of the classic cartoon character.

The Diamond Snoopy is 5.5 inches tall and is festooned with 9,917 diamonds. 783 black diamonds and 415 rubies have also been used to create the magical Snoopy. It took a total of eight months for the skilled jewellery designers of TSL to complete the sparkling replica. The choice of the gem stones was very critical to give the piece the perfect look. They made sure that the colour, clarity, cut and size were the same for all the stones. TSL has priced the piece at $426,780.

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