Abslout100 Celebrates Father’s Day With Three Designers

In Brazil father’s day is celebrated on the 8th of August. It is a very popular celebration there and generally children buy some gift for their father to celebrate the occasion. The Vodka brand Absolut100 has created products, this year in limited edition for the occasion and market. These specially designed and created products will be given away along with their gift bottles.

Absolut100 has collaborated with three top designers to create special gift bottles. Two designs have been done by Pedro Brando with silver items. One is where the neck of the bottle sports a skull shaped silver pendant and the other one has a silver ring on the neck of the bottle. The cost of each bottle is $650. The other designer who is collaborating with Absolut for the occasion is John Henry Cooper from Stone Bonker which is known for using men’s accessories in a creative way.

The two designs by Cooper has Italian silk tie knotted around the neck of the bottle in two distinct ways and each bottle has been priced at $350. The third collaborators are Optica Ventura who have designed large sunglasses that come packed in a black case bearing the text “Absolot100”. The bottles with these sunglasses are going for $490 a piece. These limited edition bottles will be available only in Sao Paulo.

Via: PopSop , Luxuo

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