Vetsch Architektur Will Drop Your Jaws!

These underground houses will certainly make living in plush houses above the ground passé. A perfect example of Vetsch Architektur, these houses are for those who constantly look for adventure and excitement. Snuggling in an underground haven is now possible with these grass-blanketed houses, it is just an idea which can bring a difference in your lifestyle.

First off, let me clear the air and tell you all that these houses haven’t been roughly dug up in the earth, they are made of earth and concrete! This gives you all the more reason to experiment with these houses without fearing the roof to crumble down on your head. All these houses face a serene lake and stay unaffected by climatic vagaries as they are covered by a green roof.

This Swiss estate is located in a very calm area of the countryside and it comprises of nine houses. Each room in a house faces a lake to facilitate the light to enter, bathrooms and basements get light from skylight. A subterranean parking lot is provided in each house to ensure privacy. The protective green roof of these houses can be used to grow vegetation or a terrace garden.

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