Magellan Space Luxury Yacht Is Not Only a Stunner, but also Energy Efficient!

One of the main attractions of traveling by a yacht is ‘sunbathing’ and in case of Magellan Space luxury yacht you just can not bargain for more, as it gives you every possible pleasure in the world that human mind can think of, including ‘sunbathing’ under bare sky!

The stunner has a double glass sliding solar roof which dismisses the need of extra power on the yacht and makes it energy efficient. If yacht makers figured a way to run the yachts by solar power then these babies would not require fuel and we know how badly we want to conserve fuel! The special salon in this yacht is covered from all sides with solar walls and it provides enough to run all the appliances on the deck. Magellan Marine AG created this yacht by taking luxury and fuel efficiency into consideration.

Only 30 such yachts have been made till now and people have already started craving to lay their hands on these babies! What makes it all the more enticing is its “Axe Bow Concept” that challenges the conventional designs of yachts and gives it a chic look and makes it space efficient as well!

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