Digital Storm’s New 3D Technology Promises to Make Gaming Real

Video game is so much fun because it makes you feel you are actually doing those stuff. That is why the designers and manufacturers are always trying out newer and better technology to enhance the gaming experience and bring it as close as possible to the real thing. The 3D technology ,of course, gives you the opportunity to get totally immersed in the virtual reality.

The Digital Storm’s BlackOPS lineage of hardware has been around for some time and have been perceived to be the best hardware by the gaming enthusiasts and that’s why they have retained their place at the top of the pack. Digitals announcement that they will be utilizing NVIDIA’s 3D Vision to bring in a new world and experience of gaming has definitely opened more doors for them. The specifications are mind boggling and the hard core gamers are looking forward to a stunning experience.

Utilizing NVIDIA’s GTX 400 Series GPUs you will be able to experience 750 M pixel/second, spread out over three displays in breathtaking full 1080p HD 3D. That would put the resolution to 5760X1080 by their count. The best part is that the NVIDIA software will automatically convert over 425 gaming titles to 3D saving you the hassle of downloading new applications. The new equipment is available on the Digital Storm’s site with the prices starting at $2,833.

Via: SlashGear

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