Bisazza Incorporates Swarovski Crystals in Glass Mosaics for New Collection

In the last half a century  Bisazza has time and again proved that they are the most innovative producers of glass mosaics. They have excelled both in terms of technical solutions and style. Bisazza was established over fifty years ago in Northern Italy’s Alte Vicenza region. Their recent launch of the Crystal Collection is well timed. The innovative use of crystals in their design is breathtaking. It blurs the line between classic design and contemporary decoration.

Bissazza in their new collection has integrated Swarovski crystals within their beautifully crafted tiles. All in all there are a total of six patterns and designs in their Crystal Collection. There is Skulls & Crowns, Robots & Hearts, Corals & seahorses, Flash and Stars & Rain. These designs are reduced into basic forms and outlined on monochromatic backgrounds in the tones of white, blue and black.

Some of the designs are very subtle. The Flash and Rains series uses shiny circles that create a peculiar depth effect. There are corsair-inspired skeleton heads and royal crowns as well to make it fashionable in a contemporary way. The new Crystal Collection is available around the world in flagship Bisazza stores and some selected retail outlets who have been authorized by the company.

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