Have A Nice & Comfortable Top Down Ride In A Mercedes With The All New Aircap Technology

Anyone who owns a Mercedes Benz convertible would affirm to the fact that, the most joyous of all rides is while cruising in the car in the countryside with the top down and taking the very beauty of mother nature. However, nearly everyone has come to a point where this comfortable ride seems to become a troublesome event, especially at high speeds, with the wind whipping in the driver’s face, making it nearly impossible to do anything other than wiping hair off one’s face. However, Mercedes Benz has now come with an innovative solution to this problem, with the launch of the all new Aircap and Airscarf systems.

Exclusive to the all new Mercedes 2011 E-Class Cabriolet, the Aircap technology was unveiled at the NYC Fashion Week in the month of February last year, and now it has finally made it to the production models as well. Although, the ride isn’t entirely wind free, yet the with the activation of the Aircap system, the ride does become a lot smoother and luxurious. Launched with the touch of a button, this system brings up a small windshield spoiler and a rear screen, that creates a quieter aura in side the car, thereby allowing the occupants to enjoy music, talk on the phone and have a pleasant conversation with each other. The Aircap system automatically adjust to the increase or decrease in the velocity of the car and works perfectly with speeds more than 60 mph.

Furthermore, for those drivers who would be tempted to keep their tops down even during winters, Mercedes has also brought along the Airscarf system, that in conjunction with Aircap, keeps the cold air out and spews out warm air to keep the driver and the passengers cozy and comfortable. These systems are available only via Mercedes Benz and are also available for other models in the E-Class segment, with a price tag of $56,000.

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