Elite Estate: Apartments with Helipads to Change the Real Estate Scene in Calcutta

While the rest of West Bengal, India burns in chaos, certain pockets of affluence seem to hide behind a facade of affluence and try to forget the frenetic violence that surrounds them.

One such real estate project provides a certain solace to the affluent who would like to avoid the chaotic roads, and dangerous streets where political marches are known to turn violent. The V Service Residency would be located in New Town, Rajarhat in the city of Calcutta (now known as Kolkata in local parlance).

The intriguing feature of these homes is that they come with a helipad each, thus you could avoid the risk of encountering violence on the streets. It would also be great to welcome your well heeled guests if they fly from elsewhere. While helipads, and using helicopters as a mode of transport by the affluent is not popular in India, such a move might encourage Indian rich to use helicopters.

The house would cost 3.5 crore rupees each, which would be roughly $800,000. These are serviced apartments and would have 32 floors. A flat like this in Delhi or Bombay would cost several million dollars. The throw-away price at which these flats are being sold indicates that the real estate market in Calcutta is quite not exciting.

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