Corning Inc Unveils the Indestructible Gorilla Glass for LCD TVs

Sometimes it is not possible to guard your LCD screen against scratches or worse, breakages. It is always possible to mishandle LCD and other screens and get them damaged. Moreover, it is also annoying to have the side frame which would hold the screen in place. Corning Inc have announced their seemingly indestructible Gorilla Glass which could be used for LCD TVs.

However, no manufacturer has still taken up the decision to use this high end glass screen in place of the regular material that is used in LCD TVs. You could expect increased durability, strength and scratch resistance, thanks to the indestructibility of Gorilla Glass by Corning. It would cost $60 more, but it sure is a great way to make sure there are no scratches and that it keeps shining all the time.

Thanks to Gorilla Glass, one could also get rid of plastic bezels and exposing edge-to-edge glass surfaces. The increased durability, strength and scratch resistance could be a great selling factor for these glasses though they are mighty expensive. Right now, they are planning to look for major manufacturers.

Via: Yahoo

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