Used Airline Trolley Glitters Under 22ct Plating

Everything that glitters is not gold but everything that is made of gold glitters and grabs your attention. And by extending the same logic some people feel that everything is better when gilded in gold. It looks like designer Gunter Hammersfahr is a firm believer and that’s why he has designed a gold plated trolley for Sky Pak. You don’t do everything because you need to do them. Sometimes you do things for fun. This trolley is definitely going to be fun for use in a private jet or even in your home for keeping drinks handy while entertaining.

The trolley Gunter has plated with gold is a real used airplane trolley. It was actually being used on an airliner  when it was bought off and then covered meticulously by hand leaf by leaf in 22ct gold foil. This golden trolley has been priced at $4,290. It has the craftsmanship, the gold and a functional trolley, all rolled into one.

They are also offering brand new trolleys and other designs of authentic used trolleys that have been taken off flights. You would find dents on them that they must have acquired while in use. They are offering plenty of other trolley designs. You are bound to get one that suits your taste and your budget. The prices start at $1,600.

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