Zegna Sweatproof Suits to Keep You Cool and Clean

Zegna’s sweatproof suits have been quite the talk of the town lately, and most people have begun to understand the important of checking out clothes that do not leave embarrassing sweat stains under the arms. Thus, clothes that are sweat proof have been quite the topic this year and Zegna’s sweatproof suits could just be the answer to the age old issue.

The sweatproof suits are made from Australian wool and would cost you $1,200 which actually is not a lot of money when you talk about high end clothes. It comes with the ability to wick moisture and it could also cool the skin and thus reduce the discomfort of heat and humidity.

People could use these suits in workplace as you certainly do not want to be seen in an embarrassing situation every time you step out. At $1,200 it sure seems like a great idea. However, do not expect these suits to look like the ones from Prada and do not expect the Zegna Sweatproof suits to be chic and fashionable. It is a geeky way to keep oneself cool. If I were to choose a method of staying cool, I would choose shorts and tank tops.

Via: Luxist

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