Oracle’s Larry Ellison Gets Paid the Highest Ever

Oracle’s Larry Ellison sure has the plushest job in the world. Now, it has already been proved that he is also the world’s highest paid CEO. A certain question that has always bugged me has something to concern with how these people spend all their wealth unless they give them away.

It is rather annoying too, when the well heeled try not to share, and the ones who do not have try to snatch away the money! Perhaps that is where the corporate model comes in and CEOs like Larry Ellisono come into picture. In the last decade he has earned to a tune of $1.84 billion in compensation over the past decade.

While we are not sure what he would do with all the money, he may try to build new gulags or he may just go ahead and buy himself one of those Russian yachts that I always take about. While we try to flaunt our wealth, the rich try to show it in the most expensive way they can. It also makes me wonder about the tax systems in Russia which apparently is quite harsh as well.

Via: WSJ

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  • Dear Friend,

    if you are concerned about others spending their wealth other than give it away, you for sure are not successfull. by any means.

    spending or giving it away is the same, it reenters the circuit. you write about luxury, and complain about managing/spending wealth. how pathetic that is.

    if you are that concerned about that, please sell something / anything to horrendous prices to a rich person – the argumentation, the taste, the choices and places where that happens must be known to you. then, if you sell a postcard for half a million – what would you do? give it away or live as you wish? Meaning, spending as you like? For products you like – maybe even handmade by friends, to support them even if the price is higher then average?

    you criticize wealth my friend, and you will never become what you criticize.

    Let me give you some other small thing: when you give it away, much of it goes in ads, costs and stuff, the least goes to the needy. if i buy a maybach then the company is making a profit, yes, but it has to pay half mil. employees every month. now thats some billions to make.

    with best regards, and for now with no respect but wishing you well,


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