The World’s Most Expensive Suitcase by Henk Is a Rocker

Flying is never easy, though it actually is the easiest way to travel. Your plane might crash, or you might have the fear of dying in a crash even when the flight is smooth. Other times you have to deal with annoying passengers who bring their fake Gucci and Prada bags to impress everyone.

At least in such a situation, HENK Travelfriend could help you keep your fellow passengers gawking in admiration. It is the most expensive suitcase in the world and costs a terrible $20,000. The Dutch company sure knows how to impress its well heeled clients and thus from whichever angle you look at it, you could be sure of letting people know how luxurious it really is inside.

So go ahead, and get yourself a suitcase by HENK if you have the lolly with you. You could also customize its looks thanks to its calfskin with ostrich embossing in 15 various colors and opens from both sides. It even comes with a thief proof cable with which you could hold the suitcase securely. So go ahead, and get it for yourself before there is something else to beat it.

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