Zhen Low Creates New High of Ordering the Most Champagne

The display of wealth often becomes vulgar. The wealth is for enjoying and not for displaying or competing. But when you are intoxicated with the power of your wealth you cannot see things in their right perspective. You tend to throw your weight around in a negative way. A recent incident demonstrates this fact very clearly.

It is tolerable when the rich in order to outshine the other go in for the most exclusive and fancy cars and mansions. You just turn around and say, it is ok because they can afford them. But the other night at St. Tropez it went to an extreme when two young billionaires squared off against each other at Les Caves du Roy night club as to who could order the most number of drinks. Zhen Low and Winston Fisher were the two competitors.

Low reached a new high of working up a staggering bill of $2.6 million by the end of the night for the champagne he ordered. Sam Nazarian and Paris Hilton were some of the celebrities who witnessed this vulgar competition. The truly rich who are at the top of the rich list are now coming together to pledge their wealth to charity and the welfare of society. Hopefully the upstarts will learn something from their rich behavior.

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