Presenting The All New Multimedia TV Equipped Piano From Craft Line

In today’s world of luxury homes and gorgeous apartments, people have developed a unique sense and taste of decorating their homes with some of the strangest and highly innovative pieces of furniture and decorative art. Long gone are those days, when a mere painting of a sunset in the Bahamas was considered to be an incredible addition to the home décor and with the advent of new cutting edge technology and heightened creativity, an all new trend is now fast catching up with the modern day house owners.

Keeping the spirit of innovative decorations alive, here is yet another product that is sure to become a treat for all your senses. We are talking about the all new multimedia television equipped piano. Called, the Mediano, this one of a kind highly unique and incredibly creative piano comes from the line of Craft Line Ltd. and could easily prove to be an excellent addition to your home décor. The concept behind this amazing product is to bring the functionalities of a piano and the entertainment features of a television in one single package, as the piano itself comes with an integrated LCD television, that sits neatly hidden inside the piano and come out at the press of a button.

Then there is Craft Line’s another incredible innovation, in the form of Car Line, that provides the users the freedom of turning their old cars into incredible pieces of furniture. One such product from the Car Line segment is the ‘Frontline’ series, where in the company has taken the front bar of a Mazda RX-8 and transformed it into a hifi sound system, with a 100 watt Sony stereo system. Also, the Frontline features different colored bodies and the car bars are equipped with automatically changing lights as well. .

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