Internet tycoon Robert Jennings might have to give away half his fortune as divorce settlement

The internet tycoon Robert Jennings is worth around £14million right now, but all that is about to change. And it is not the receding economy that is to blame for his loss but actually his wife of 23 years. Sarah Jennings has filed for divorce and the court judge has ordered the husband to pay half of his fortune as divorce settlement to the estranged wife.

That sure will come as a shock to the millionaire who has developed quite an opulent lifestyle. They apparently have spent a whopping £6.5million in the past decade on their homes in Cotswolds, Spain, and Canada, and many other things. But the tycoon is saying that the economic recession has actually devalued his assets dramatically and a payout of £7 million would push him into serious debts. Mr. Jennings’ lawyer said that his actual net worth right now is around £4.3million, much less than what has been assessed by the judge.

What Mrs. Jennings is saying is that her husband actually has almost £9.5million in ‘undisclosed’ assets. This is obviously a big money case, and only time will tell who loses or gains in the end. Maybe a pre-nup could have avoided such a mess, but interestingly, a survey shows that only 8percent of the men earning more than £100,000 a year draw out pre-nups before they tie the knot.

Via: DailyMail

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