Hello Lovely is a Vodka Based Lovely Cocktail

How do you drink your vodka? The most likely answer is, with lemonade. That is how most people like it. A small Northwest Distillery has combined both vodka and lemonade in one bottle. Hello Lovely is a strawberry lemonade made with all natural flavors and pure cane sugar. Having a pre mixed cocktail in a bottle not only makes it convenient but standardizes every drink you pour.

This cocktail is vodka based and 34 proof. The makers, Northwest Distillery makes the vodka themselves. They sell their Liquid vodka for a reasonable price of under$20. Meghan Zonich is the owner of the Northwest Distillery and said in a press release “Liquid Vodka is successful because it is a great vodka for a very reasonable price. Customers also appreciate that we are a Pacific Northwest, family owned business.”

Cory and Meghan Zonich remodeled a 1940s era barn in Warren, Oregon and have been producing the spirits from there. In terms of quality they have maintained very high standards. It is not just the consumers who have given a thumbs up to their spirits but the industry has also acknowledged the quality of their vodka. It won a bronze medal at Sanfrancisco and a silver at the International Wine and Spirits Competition in London.

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