Now you can live in an 11th century castle!

For those of you who want to live like royalty and have the kind of cash for it, now can do so by buying a palace in France. Ladies and gentlemen, I am not talking about some stupid replica but the real thing. This bona fide castle goes back to the 11th century! It is located about 215 miles south of Paris in the Liomousin region of Haute-Vienne.

The castle is called le chateau de Montbrun and has been recognized by the French Ministry of Culture, as a protected monument ever since 1947. Now here is some trivia about the historical place. During the Hundred Years War, this castle was the property of both France and England. It has seen a series of renovations and touch ups since the 16th century. The last major renovation happened in the mid60s.

But don’t get worried about some ancient type interiors. The whole place is quite contemporary with a house chapel, a cinema, a billiards room, a library, a music room, 15 guestrooms and a lot of office space and staffing quarters. Oh and there is also a tavern. How cool would it be to tell your friends that you live in a castle!

Via: ibtimes, castleforsale

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