Bellperre comes up with a new cellphone

Bellperre has been known to make cellphones for the elite. And by that I mean they are exorbitantly priced and are out of reach for most of us. But this time around, the company has brought out a new cellphone, which it says will be very much within the reach of the masses. This one is Italian design inspired and is crafted from metal, sapphire crystal and leather.

This quadband device is known as “Bellperre” has a 2.2 inch display, a 5 megapixel camera, GPS service, FM radio, accelerometer, email, and support for as many as 80 languages! Seems pretty good, but then again, there are cellphones available in the market that would probably be in a lesser price bracket. Then what is so special about this one? Well the thing is that you can customize this phone to your own liking. You can choose a metal of your choice be it polished silver, 18K rose gold, 24K yellow gold etc.

You will also get an amazing choice between 125 kinds of leather like lizard, buffalo, shark or even crocodile. The price of the phone will depend on the availability and the customization. With the gold plating and all, I doubt it will remain within the common man’s price range.

Via: Luxuo

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