Inflatable Motorized Oasis With Music System and Cooler

You have a pool but you are not in the mood for a swim. Still you would like to spend time in the pool. Now you have the Six Person Motorized Oasis on the market which can accommodate six people comfortably, as the name suggests. It has some other features too that makes it  ideal for relaxing while floating on any calm body of water.

The Oasis comes fitted with integrated speakers that can provide you with music of your choice. It has a built in cooler that ensures the half a dozen occupants are kept happy with ice cold drinks during a hot summer afternoon. This self propelled oasis is perfect for making merry in you pool . At the same time the lounger is capable of   doing 2mph in a lake or any calm body of water with the help of its electric motor.

You must ensure that the total weight of people occupying the lounger never exceeds 900lbs which is its net capacity. There is an outboard-style handle that allows you to control and steer the Oasis. The waterproof stereo speakers produce very good sound. There is a sealed waterproof pocket for plugging in your iPod or MP3 player. At $449.95 it is definitely a good bargain.

Via: Coolest-Gadgets

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