Bufa Chair by MOWOstudio Pays Homage to the Art of Tailoring

Bufa Chair by MOWOstudio is inspired by the rigours that a tailor endures while stitching clothes. The chair is so designed as to reveal the difficult stitches of a cloth that a tailor carefully creates. It is a bit expensive and costs $759 and is worth every penny that you might spend on it. It was designed by acclaimed designers at Mowo Studio.

“Puff and Pleat” are the words that should come to you when we speak about the Bufa Chair. They come in several colours as well and would be a great way to sun yourself in the balcony on a lazy afternoon. The chair not only looks good but makes you feel comfortable while you rest in it.

Such is the beauty of this tiny little chair. It is not clear if they are going to create many more furniture pieces inspired by the tailor’s stitches. However, it sure would be interesting to have a few chairs like this in the house, for they not only improve the look of the house but also improve the mood of the ones that live in the house. So go ahead and try to get one for yourself before you change your mind.

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