2010 FIFA World Cup Final Ball Fetches $74,000 At An Auction

The 2010 FIFA World Cup might have come to a stunning end on July 12th, 2010, but the event itself left deep marks into the hearts and minds of billions of soccer fans across the globe and finally gave Spain, the one win, it was desperately looking for. The team wet home as heroes and got the reception as that of Gods. Yet, it wasn’t only the Spanish national team that was reveling in this historic win, even Spanish fans couldn’t hold their excitement and joy at winning the event.

Some of the Spanish fans have now even gone to the lengths of buying the legendary soccer ball that was used at the 2010 FIFA World Cup final match between Spain and the Netherlands, where Span created history by winning the world cup 1-0. The final soccer ball, that has been emblazoned with gold sold out for $74,000 in a charity auction on eBay. All the money collected during the online auction is slated to be forwarded to Nelson Mandela’s campaign to prevent HIV/Aids. The final soccer ball, also known as the ‘Jabulani’ was designed by the apparel big hitter, Adidas and was said to have a radical grip as well as was considered to be highly sustainable during all weather conditions.


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  • Does anybody wanna make an offer on an unused opening match fifa 2010 world cup ticket signed by Fifa president Joseph Sepp Blatter,pop me a mail.

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