Uncle Scrooge Paintings Sell for Loads of Money at Auction

As children, most of us liked the Disney comics with the ducks and their antics. OF all the duck protagonists, Scrooge McDuck perhaps was the most colourful and interst8ing character with all his miserliness and his wicked ways of exploiting his nephews. Of course, who could forget the evil witch Magica who is always running after Uncle Scrooge’s arse for his lucky dime!

You could relive all these memories by reading a few dusty comics, but the best thing would be to invest in old paintings of the old miser. Heritage Auctions is selling 10 paintings by Uncle Scrooge creator Carl Barks and the total proceedings from the auction could amount to $700,000.

These large oil paintings reveal the notorious money bin, where Scrooge took his gold baths, and where his nephews slaved away, polishing them. Of all the auctions I have read recently, I actually like this one and I have my own reasons for them: I love the ducks from Duckburg! If you are a fan of the ducks, you really should consider buying one of these paintings and who knows, after a couple of years it could fetch you more money than that silly mansion you bought in some corner of the world.

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