Stuart Hughes Introduces The All New Solid Gold iPhone 4G

The man behind some of the most expensive gadgets in the world, Stuart Hughes has now put his love for gold and sheer creativity to introduce the all new 24 carat Sold Gold iPhone 4G. This isn’t the first royal treatment that the iPhone 4G has received from Mr Hughes, as some time ago we covered the launch of the iPhone 4G Diamond edition, but the collection just didn’t seem right without a remarkable handset such as the iPhone 4G, being covered in gold.

The Solid Gold iPhone 4G is adorned by 24 carat gold and the entire beautification process took several weeks of detailed working, that was required to create the chassis of device in solid gold. Furthermore, every design aspect of this gorgeous looking smart phone has been done by hand and Mr. Hughes has given the rear of the iPhone 4G with a complete full gold dressing. The creation of this masterpiece involved an astounding 150 grams of 24ct gold. The Sold Gold iPhone 4G is a 32GB model device, that has been unlocked for international use, and the device itself can updated with firmware from Apple Inc, without any risk of the device freezing up.

The all new Solid Gold iPhone 4G comes with a hand crafted, exquisite wallet, made entire from Ostrich foot and the device has a price tag of $33.552.

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