Luxury Literature or Bloody Book?

In what seems to be a sinister ploy to drain rich people of their money in the name of luxury, here is a book that has been “authored” by an Indian cricketer named Sachin Tendulkar, and it would come with drops of blood of that player. Apparently, the pages of the book would be infused with Tendulkar’s blood  and the book would cost $75,000 each.

If someone is actually ready to pay that kind of money to get hold of a book that has the blood stains of a mere cricketer, it sure seems like a ravenous ploy to mint money. In third world countries such as India, where there is hardly any entertainment other than political instability, militancy and caste wars, rich but uneducated people might see the book as “luxury”. Since luxury is relative, some people may actually go ahead and buy this book though you and I may disagree with the very idea of the book. So far, I have no idea what the book is all about.

Perhaps it would tell you the same old cricket statistics about who ran faster, who grabbed more balls (the ones that are used in cricket, UGH) and such other information. Well, if you are crazy enough to spend $75,000 on this nameless book written in blood, do not talk to me.

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